The Road to Erebor 

 Iorbar's Peak

Stone Giants Rags Guthfinn's Polished Earing Uloga's Golden Bangle
Stone Giant's Rag   Guthfinn's Polished Earring  Uloga's Golden Bangle

Seat of The Great Goblin

Well-Preserved Button Refuse Covered Blade Marubh's Silver Braclet Necklace of the Wary Troll  Brosh's Cloak
Well-Preserved Button Refuse Covered Blade Marubh's Silver Bracelet neck   Images Not Yet Found

Webbs of Scuttledells

Sheer Spider-Silk Cloak Digelir's Demise Beremud's Signet Ring
Sheer Spider-Silk Cloak Digelir's Demise Beremud's Signet Ring

 Epic Drops

Epic Loot from 3 Mans ONLY (Also for some reason they do not have bonus stat on it +%, so it is added under the title)

Blade of the Exemplar Loremaster

+5% Beacon of Hope Magnitude

Cloak of the Exemplary Burglar

+3% Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier

Dagger of the Exemplary Hunter

+8% Focus Bow Critical Multiplier


 No Image To date

Armor: 558

+134 Agility

+33 Vitality

+2 Stealth Level

+224 Maximum Power

+3% Subtle Stab Damage Multiplier

Durability: 40/40

Class: Burgler


Bracelet of the Exemplar minstrel

+9% Piercing Cry Damage

Cloak of the Exemplary Rune Keeper

+4% Fire Skill Damage

Earring of the Exemplary Captain

+4% To Arms Durration

 Mini  RK  Cappy

Figurine of the Exemplary Champion

+5% Bracing Attack Heal

 Ring of the Exemplary Warden

+3% Spear Gambit Damage

 Ring of the Exemplary Guardian

+3% Sweeping Cut Damage

 Champ  Warden  GRD






Mirkwood Campaign

Sword-Hall of Dol Gudur

Enraged Gorthorog Bracelet Polished Shield of the Arena Sword-Master's Studded Cloak
 Gorthorog  Arena Sword-Master

Warg-pens of Dol Guldur


Athgrat's Old Shoulder-guards Athgrat's Polished Ring Warg-Trainer's Shield Cruelly Spiked Bracelet Warg-fur Lined Boots
old  Ring  Shield  Spiked  Boots

 Dungons of Dol Guldur

Confiscated Journal Former Resident's Ring
 Journal Former

Sammath Gul

Etched Acid Flame Earing Gorothul's Signet Ring Scorched Pauldrons of the Shade Wrap of Endless Bones
Acid Ring  Shadw  Claok

Barad Guldur



Deldail *sorry German* Gwannin Charred Armour Fragments *Sorry German*
Deldail  ring  Fragment
Erring of the Necromancer's Tower Eternal Knight's Bracelet Sereggol
 Ear  Wrist  


Cargaraf's Ring Shadow-Master's Cloak Flask of Unnatural Oil
ring  claok  pocket
Hanthann Prudence  
 Sheild  ear  


Gordail Gwandhranc Darkened Lietenant's Earring
 boots shoulder  ear
Shoulder-pads of the Unseen eye Thaldail  
 shoulder  boots  

 Epic Mirkwood Loot

Cloak of the Malledhrim Guardian

+5% Catch Breath Morale Heal

Cloak of the Malledhrim Warden

+5% Shield Gambit Line Healing

Malledhrim Burgler's Boots

+5% Positional Damage


Armor: 558

+34 Might

+134 Vitality

+1068 Finesse Rating

+493 Block

+5% Catch a Breath Morale Heal

Duribility: 40/40

Class: Guadian

 cloak  boots

Malledhrim Captain's Sheild

+4 Words of Courage Pulse

Malledhrim Champion's Boots

+16% Critical Damage Multiplier

 Malledhrim Hunter's Boots

+3% Burn Hot Damage

 Shield  boots  boots

 Malledhrim Lore Master's Shoes

+5% Burning Embers Initial Damage

 Malledhrim Minstrel's Shield

+3% Bolster Courage Healing

 Token of the Malledhrim Rune-Keeper

+3% Writ of Healing Healing

 boots  shield Pocket




These Items have been found and posted but no information on what or where they drop form as of yet (I will update as soon as possible) 

Boots of the Northern Emissary Embellished Earing of the False Lord Glimmering Beryl Prism
 boots ear  pocket
Leaded Steel Boots Padded Shoes of the Orc King Prized Silk-embroidered Shoulder-pads
 boots  shoes Shoulder